Are the Knicks in trouble

dm_130505_hotn_imageLast night we witnessed the physical play of the Indiana Pacers. Most teams don’t play with two bigs. Roy Hibbert and David West were giving Carmelo and Jr all they could handle yesterday. Roy Hibbert had 5 blocks denying Carmelo for most of them at the rim. David West kept Melo out of the game early getting him in foul trouble. Can the Knicks beat the Pacers with Carmelo at the power forward spot? No they can’t! Knicks will need Amare “Stat” to beat the pacers. If the Knicks are going to have a shot of beating the Pacers this round Carmelo must go back to the small forward position. Is it possible that Melo does have a serious injury? yes it’s very possible! If that is the case Amare is needed right now for the knicks because I don’t trust Jr.Smith and Raymond Felton to get it done with Anthony playing hurt. The Pacers give the Knicks match up problems every time they sub a player into the game. I will go out on a limb and say the Knicks didn’t look all that impressive against the Celtics. Are the Knicks over hyped? yes they are! The Knicks are a better team than last year at best but that’s it. The Knicks are no threat to the Miami Heat and were barely a threat to the Celtics. Melo may have escaped the 1st round but the 2nd he will not. Pacers win this series in 6 games.


Thunder steal game 1 at home

thunderKevin Durant scores 35 points with 6 assists as the Grizzlies fall short by two points 93-91. Kevin Martin also scored 25 points and Reggie Jackson scored 12. Tayshaun prince couldn’t stop a nose bleed today. Durant scored on prince every time he touched the ball and the Grizzlies had no answer for Kevin Martin who was on fire today. The question still rises, who will be the closer for the Memphis Grizzlies? I have the answer, No one. Memphis must find a way down the stretch of these games to score points. They failed to get the ball to Zach Randolph under the 3 minute mark of this game. If the Grizzlies have a chance of beating Thunder in this series Zach Randolph will have to come up big every game and Tony Allen will need to score more than just 3 points. The biggest stat of this game were the Memphis Grizzlies free throw shooting. The Grizzlies were 14-24 from the line. The  Thunder were 22-25 from the line. The Grizzlies must make there free shots from the line because they already have a hard time scoring in big moments of the game. Another stat in this game that sticks out was Memphis 3 point shooting. Memphis were 7-19 from deep.  That’s horrible! Gasol put in 20 Randolph had 18 but it wasn’t enough down the stretch. Grizzlies must do a better job from 3 and the line next game.

Can it be done

Chicago Bulls logo

Chicago Bulls logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On yesterday the Chicago Bulls were in a game 7 with a Nets team who were more talented and clearly more healthy. The depleted Bulls were missing 3 of there best players. Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng. An argument can be made that if the Bulls had all over there players healthy for this series that the nets probably wouldn’t have one a game. Joakim Noah was a man among boys last night. We know he gave Brook Lopez and the nets buckets but he broke his career high last night in blocks. Noah had 7 blocks last night as the under manned Bulls took care of business against the Nets in Brooklyn. Rhianna wasn’t looking to bad by the way sitting court side at last nights game. However this column isn’t about the Bulls being able to beat the Nets because I believe we all know the bulls could beat arguably the the softest team in the NBA. Can the Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat? Can it be done? The Miami Heat are everything we thought they would be coming into this season. Lebron James wins his 4th MVP this year. He has incredible numbers all across the stat sheet. Dewayne Wade is still a superstar although injuries are playing a factor at the moment. Chris Bosh is still automatic from 15-17 ft a magician away and under the rim. He gives the heat 2nd chance points and defensive rebounding. Shane Battier is a legendary defender. Ray Allen is a master from deep. Mario Chalmers is no scrub either. Can the Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat? The Bulls have shown in the regular season for the past 3 years they can beat the Heat but have failed to show in the playoffs. Will Derrick Rose play? Rose gives the bulls and the city of Chicago the only hope of beating the NBA champions Miami Heat. He hasn’t played all season and why would he return now. Nate Robinson has been scoring a machine for the Bulls. Kirk Hinrich is a leader and solid player and Noah is a raging mad man under the rim he never stops playing. So many questions about the Bulls health for monday night against the Heat. Whose going to play? Are they healthy? Will Rose finally suit up in uniform instead of a tie? All of these things play a factor in the Chicago Bulls having a chance to beat the Miami Heat. Can it be done? we will see tomorrow night.